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Looking for a Dog Walker in Bristol?

I offer a high quality & reliable Pet Care Service in Bristol providing a trustworthy, reliable, and caring service to all the dogs in my care. With an extensive understanding of Dog behaviour and a great love of for working with animals, I provide professional care at competitive prices, as well as being fully insured and CRB checked.

I provide Dog Walking and Pet Care Services to: Long Ashton, Ashton, Bedminster, Southville, Bishopsworth, Withywood, Totterdown, Clifton, Bristol City and other local areas.

Please scroll down the page to read more regarding my background, prices and services I offer.

Contact me: 07546 945273

All Fur One Dog Walking and Pet Care Bristol


  • 1 Hour Group Walk - £11
  • Half Day Care - Includes at least 2 full hour walks either AM or PM - £15
  • Full Day Care - Includes at least 3 full hour walks - £18
  • 1 Hour Solo Walk - On or off lead - £14
  • Cat / Small animal sitting - Visits for feeding/cleaning/fuss - £5 additional visits same day £3
  • Small Animal Boarding (Not Cats) - Rodents, reptiles, inverts, amphibians come to stay with me - £8 per night
  • Evening Care - Care for 4 - 6 hours in the evening after 5.30pm - £16 with walk / £12 no walk
  • Evening Walks - At least 1 full hour anytime between 6 - 10pm - £12
  • Weekend Walk - At least 1 full hour - £14
  • Weekend Day Care - £20
  • Weekend Half Day Care - £17
  • Boarding - £22 per night

All Fur One Dog Walking and Pet Care Bristol


"Milo took to Brad as soon as he saw him as did Brad with Milo. Milo sits by the window looking out for him every Tuesday and Wednesday morning and bounces with excitement as soon as he see's the van pull up." Louise

"Brad was not put off by the bouncing boxer puppy that ran to meet him and jumped all over him when he came around to visit, which is more than can be said for most of our visitors. Bella is very full on and not the most obedient but she always comes home worn out (and usually covered in mud!), so I know she has had a good time." Adam

"Lola is a rescue lurcher from Cyprus and was very nervous around dogs and people. Brad was very helpful in building up her trust of men, and helping her become more confident around dogs she didn't know. Having someone who we could trust to take things at Lola's pace really gave us peace of mind and the improvements she's made have been incredible." Jody + Steve

"Our German Shepherd cross Storm is definitely a handful. She was re-homed to us at just 16 months old with no training and no idea how to behave around other dogs. With the help of Brad, me and my wife can now take her out for walks on lead without her trying to pull our arms off and off lead without having to worry about her running away." Helen + Mike

All Fur One Dog Walking and Pet Care Bristol

About Me

After never being allowed a dog growing up I used to walk friends dogs and dogs around the neighbourhood in my spare time. We had cats but that wasn't enough. I soon started keeping reptiles and after moving out of my parents house to a house in Fishponds this turned into breeding and rescuing and my collection grew and grew.

After moving house again to Withywood, I landed a job as a postman. Royal Mail takes dog safety very seriously and I was regaled with stories of dog bites from everyone else in my sorting office. The houses with dogs were clearly marked and the ones with dogs who had previously bitten other postmen were marked with a big red sticker. After working for Royal Mail for a year I had never once been bitten by a dog, nor had any issues with any of the dogs on any of the routes. I'd even taken pictures of myself with dogs who had bitten others to show them at the office. Being a postmen was what really made me realise that what I wanted to do was work with animals, especially dogs as they had been the highlight of my time with Royal Mail.

I was given a chance at one of the best boarding kennels in Bristol and soon grew to love the dogs. I spent all of my time with them and even my lunch breaks out in the fields playing with them. I realised that this was my first chance to own a dog and found Jinx, a rescue Puli from Hungary. After about year I decided that I wanted another dog so I rescued another Puli from Hungary, Sin. Sin came to me very young after a rough start and had a lot of behaviour issues. On one of my days off I met a dog walker and got talking and he soon offered me a job, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for socialising Sin and giving me more time to work with her so I jumped at the chance.

I worked for the dog walker for about 6 months and business wasn't going as well as he had planned so he had to let me go. I kept a couple of the clients and ran my own company for a little while before I got a phone call from the manager at the kennel asking me to come back and help out on weekends, so I did. After a few weeks, she told me the real reason she asked me to come back was because her and her husband were retiring and they wanted someone to manage the kennel for them. I thought about it and eventually decided to close down my business and go back to managing the kennel full time. However towards the end of the year she decided that once retired she didn't want anything to do with the kennel and decided to close it down. I left shortly after getting that news.

I was out of work for a few weeks when I was shown a job advertisement for the biggest dog day care centre in the South West. I applied and was offered the job. I loved the dogs and the people but the job wasn't quite what I was hoping for. I received a phone call from the dog walker I used to work for saying he was moving out of the city and that when he had told the clients some of them had asked if I was still doing dog walking. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity so I left my job at the day care after 6 months and decided that dog walking was what I really wanted to do and I should never have given it up.

I purchased a van and insurance with my savings and didn't hesitate to jump back into it. It was great to see all of the dogs I used to walk and a lot of new faces. I love it, Sin and Jinx love it and I'm sure all of the clients dogs love it too. I love nothing more than to spend all day out walking in Leigh Woods, Ashton Court, Manor Woods, The Old Airfield, The Downs and Long Ashton with the dogs.

When at the kennel we used to help with English Pointer Rescue and would get dogs in straight off of the vans from Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland etc. I spent a lot of time training and working with these dogs who were nervous, aggressive and fearful and it was so rewarding to see them go off to their forever homes after making huge improvements with us. I now also help out with Puli and Komondor Rescue doing home checks, dog assessments and fostering. I also help out with home checks for other rescue charities as well as helping out with the Lost and Found pets facebook page. I have experience with a lot of breeds from giants like Tibetan Mastiffs and Leonbergers to toys like Chihuahuas and anything in between.